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 Marine Tourism Consultancy
Marine Tourism Consultancy

Managing Partner Nigel Hamilton, has extensive practical experience of waterways related tourism and is available to provide consultancy on most aspects of new and ongoing businesses in this market sector.

Please see Nigel’s Profile for his background. 

Every consultancy from H & H is a bespoke service, tailored to what you need to launch a successful business.

•	More than 50% of new tourism and hospitality businesses in the UK fail within 3 years of starting, sadly this is also true of the waterways sector. 

•	Often these failures could either be foreseen as the wrong business model or making unrealistic assumptions. 

•	OR could have been avoided with a better strategy.

•	Don’t let your dreams become a nightmare.

Areas available for consultancy:

Feasibility of new waterway related tourism- 
Hotel boats, trip boats, B&B and hire boats. 
Extensive experience of new business set up, and the challenges facing new entrants to the industry. 
Why do so many new waterway related businesses fail within 3 years?
Exit strategies.
Building successful businesses.
Selecting boat builders, use of contracts.

Identifying markets, effective use of marketing and advertising media, web sites. Avoid expensive mistakes.

Design Criteria of new boats:
What do you actually need to successfully operate a floating business- avoid expensive mistakes in buying boats suited to private rather than commercial needs.
Design to maximise sales and minimise maintenance.

Recruitment and training of operational staff:
Extensive experience of sourcing, recruiting crew 
Interviewing new staff.
Boat Handling Training
Health and safety- how to manage it in a waterways environment
Food Hygiene training tailored for boat operations.

Operational Management:
What do you legally have to comply with?
The labyrinth of government legislation.
How to manage crew and guests effectively.
Route planning to promote sales.

Menu planning, 
Liquor licences, 
Liability issues, 

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