H & H Training and Consulting Services
H & H Training and Consulting Services is the trading part of H & H Narrowboat Hotels.

We started in business in 1995 and are a family firm operating as a partnership. 

The two principals are Nigel Hamilton and Margaret Hamilton

We offer a range of services for the Inland Waterways and UK tourism business sectors.

Up until the end of 2005, our main activity was operating an award winning pair of deluxe narrow boats as a floating hotel, touring the canals and rivers of England and Wales.

Since 2005 we no longer directly operate hotelboats, and have broadened the range of services we provide, drawing upon our extensive experience and unique qualifications to provide bespoke solutions in the following areas:

Marine Tourism Consultancy
Mediation Services
Tourism and Hospitality Consultancy
Boat Purchase Consultancy
Health and Safety Training
Boat Handling Training
Boat Master services

On a separate website there are the updated popular H & H Guides to the Inland Waterways please click this link : Hind and Hart Canal Guides

What we do: