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Boat Buying Consultancy
Boat Buying Consultancy:
So you have decided to live the Dream and buy an inland waterways boat.
•    What do you do next?
•    What type of boat is suitable?
•    New or second hand?
•    What specifications should I give to my builder/ broker?
•    What essentials do I need to have?
•    What extras are useful? Which are fads?
•    What Training do I need?
•    What’s it like to live aboard?
•    What is the legal situation?
Buying and cruising your own private narrow boat can be a mine field of expensive mistakes and shattered dreams.
A brief flip though any canal magazine will list boats for sale with only a few dozen hours on the clock but thousands of £ of depreciation; because the wrong boat was bought for the wrong reasons!
•    Boat Builders are there to sell their products!
•    Boat Brokers act on behalf of the seller!
•    Many individuals and companies selling boats have never lived on one and have limited experience of even cruising them!
•    Many boats are unsuitable for the purpose they were bought for because the purchaser asked the wrong questions, chose the wrong design or lacked the experience to see the obvious pitfalls!
•    A boat will cost from a few £1000’s to £100000’s of your hard earned income, so spending a modest sum on independent advice is a sensible way to SAVE MONEY.
We are able to give you completely independent advice:
We do not:
Sell, Build or Broker ANY boats
We do not get commission on recommendations or specifications
We Do:
Act only for you
Give you impartial advice tailored to your needs
Have a wealth of experience of living on boats- for 9 years - in all weathers
Have very extensive boat handling experience.