Additional Services from
H&H Training and Consulting
In addition to the services detailed on the previous pages, H & H Training and Consulting are able to offer other solutions on a competitively priced basis.
Please contact us for availability and a quotation.
Boat Master:
Fully qualified and experienced Boat Master (Grade 3)- Department of Transport/ Marine Coastguard Agency, available by the day for UK Inland Waterways to skipper or crew passenger boats.
Hotelboat Skipper:
Available for relief skippering, in the UK, Inland Waterway hotelboats.
Qualified and experienced in boat handling and cooking!
Narrowboat Delivery:
Experienced and qualified skipper to steer/ deliver by water, narrowboats within the UK canal and river network –
Note: It normally requires crew of two to successfully move boats , I can supply additional deckhand/ lock wheeler to work with me.
Narrowboat Training:
New to boating or new boat – why not have a professional come and train you in advanced techniques of boat handling.
Pairs Training:
We specialise in training on how to work breasted pairs of motorboats in lock flights.
For several years H & H were the only commercial pair of motors working on the English Inland Waterways.